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A letter from our owner Tierra Johnson

Master of Hair Design, Color and Extensions 

Purpose Passion Creativity


My PURPOSE is my PASSION! God has blessed me with a talent for hair and he has truly gifted me with a heart for people, a rare artistry and a divine creativity. My husband and I believe that everything we do we should do unto God! Which is why our businesses are birthed and run according to the Word of God. The fact is there is only One way to salvation....JESUS is the only way! This is our building block our mantra.Envy Salon is an upscale, private and elegant salon that we have just begun to build the foundation. We truly believe what the Word of God says "Though thy beginning is small thy ending shall greatly increase" We have been blessed to experience supernatural growth that only comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Envy Salon is a place of refuge for our valued clients who want to getaway to a peaceful, private, relaxed upscale atmosphere. We are thankful to the Lord for his Spirit dwelling in Envy Salon and that many have come for our exceptional service and upscale environment but walk away changed, strengthened, by the Holy Spirit! Remember always Jesus Christ is the answer no matter what you are facing now or what you are going to face His Word the Bible is your manual for survival!  I know I was supposed to write more about me but there is no me without  Jesus! 

God Bless you all,

Tierra N. Johnson

Owner/ Master Stylist

Envy Salon


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